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PrimeTime Premium Popcorn

Tee Lee Popcorn is proud to offer PrimeTime Premium Microwave Popcorn. We select only the tastiest, most tender popcorn. We complement our PrimeTime popcorn with the finest flavors and ingredients. Order PrimeTime popcorn and join one of the fastest growing popcorn brands on the market today! We currently offer eleven delicious flavors of popcorn including Butter, Jalapeno Butter, Natural, Butter Light, Extra Butter and Kettle Corn. Be sure to order all eleven and offer an extensive variety to your future customers.

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Work Hours: 9:00am - 5:00pm; Monday - Friday

101 W. Badger St. P.O. Box 108 Shannon, IL 61078

Phone: (800) 578-2363 Fax: (815) 864-2388 www.teeleepopcorn.com