Popcorn done right.

perfect for popping

World Class Quality

We produce globally

For over 60 years Tee Lee has been growing, processing and packaging quality popcorn in the heart of America’s Corn Belt. We are a family owned business that takes pride in our popcorn. We are continuously working to offer the best hybrids to achieve the best possible growing and popping results.

We deliver your popcorn exactly the way you want. Since we are closely linked to one of the busiest shipping ports in the USA, we have the capabilities to send your 2,500 bulk tote or private label popcorn around the world in a timely, efficient manner.

Reliable & Consistent

Quality and clients come first

We have been producing the best quality popcorn in Mid-West USA for 73 years, since 1944. We pride ourselves on tradition, but we also utilize the newest innovative research. This preserves our quality and taste. Whether you're buying, selling, growing, serving, or indulging in our popcorn, you'll know you have the highest quality popcorn in your hands.

We are always seekeing ways to improve on perfection through levels of continuous evaluation and innovation. This dedication and commitment to excellence makes Tee Lee Popcorn one of the industry’s premier popcorn companies.